Stop the mysql demon process using this command : sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop Start the mysqld demon process using the –skip-grant-tables option with this command sudo /usr/sbin/mysqld –skip-grant-tables –skip-networking & Because you are not checking user privs at this point, it’s safest to disable networking. In Dapper, /usr/bin/mysgld… did not work. However, mysqld –skip-grant-tables did. start the

How to save Swedish Characters in MySQL using PHP and display it on Web Page It was a headache and wastage of time when I came across the situation when I saw strange Swedish characters on one of my clients web page and its MySQL database. After googling I found several suggestions but no one

There are several frameworks in PHP. Recently I have the chance to work with Code Igniter and Symfony and therefore I searched the web to find some expert view and facts about these. I found a nice comparison here:   Symfony vs CodeIgniter from Mobicules Technologies     Here is another nice overview about which

user_config_dir This powerful option allows the override of any config option specified in the manual page, on a per-user basis. Usage is simple, and is best illustrated with an example. If you set user_config_dir to be /etc/vsftpd_user_conf and then log on as the user “chris”, then vsftpd will apply the settings in the file /etc/vsftpd_user_conf/chris

There are options in /etc/vsftpd.conf to help make vsftpd more secure. For example users can be limited to their home directories by uncommenting: chroot_local_user=YES You can also limit a specific list of users to just their home directories: chroot_list_enable=YES chroot_list_file=/etc/vsftpd.chroot_list After uncommenting the above options, create a /etc/vsftpd.chroot_list containing a list of users one per