Change Widnows Password from Ubuntu in dual boot – chntpwd

Follow the following simple steps to change windows password from within ubunut.

1. Install chntpw

  sudo apt-get install chntpw

2. Mount your windows partition (change sda3)

  mkdir win7
  sudo mount /dev/sda3 win7/

3. Apply chntpw to change password. Change directory to win7/Windows/System32/config.
List windows users

  cd win7/Windows/System32/config
  sudo chntpw -l SAM

Change password

   sudo chntpw -u alex SAM

From the options select (1) Clear password and then save file (y). Now restart system and boot to windows with blank password.

npm – Refusing to install gulp as a dependency of itself

Yeah, if the name of the package in package.json is “gulp”, then it will throw error. The name of the package is created when we run:

    npm init

“name”: “gulp”.

In other words the name of directory in which you are running the command will give a default package name and you need to change it, don’t leave to default.

Or simple edit the name in package.json to something other than gulp.