Raspberry PI enable ssh without a monitor

I spent a dozens of minutes today to learn, how to enable ssh to Raspberry Pi without a monitor. SSH is disable by default after October 2016. Here is a one minute solution.

Attach the sd card to your computer and add an empty file SSH on the root of the sd card partition.

Ubuntu 16.04 – PhpStorm – configure xdebug with PHP 7.0

Today I spent a couple of hours to figure out that ONLY the following configuration works. It is not covered in any video/tutorial.

This is the settings that MUST be added to all the files:

[xDebug] zend_extension=/usr/lib/php/20160303/xdebug.so
xdebug.remote_autostart = on
xdebug.remote_start = on



The files are :



MySql change part of the field or column

If you have a table with column that contains eg file names with extension and want to replace the extension of all those file names.

Eg we have a table named menu with column icon. The icon column contains image file names with extension .png eg dress.png , shoes.png and we want to replace only .png by .svg leaving the filename (without extension) intact. we can use the following command in SQL:

UPDATE menus SET icon = replace(icon, RIGHT(icon, 3), ‘svg’)
WHERE id > 0 AND icon <> ”;