When you create PHPUnit tests for your models in Yii using netbeans you may encounter this problem PHP Fatal error: Class ‘CActiveRecord’ not found.. The easiest solution is to include the following at the top of the model class, for example if the class is User then your code should look like $yii=’/opt/lampp/htdocs/yii/framework/yii.php’; require_once($yii); class

In my previous post I demonstrated how to install Yii Rights extension easily and quickly. We commented out the code for checking superuser given below. Now to address this issue simply edit file /modules/rights/components/RAuthorizer.php and comment out the lines near line no 304 and 305. //if( $superusers===array() ) // throw new CHttpException(403, Rights::t(‘core’, ‘There must

When you make the user login to your website via a social network like facebook and the user is directed by CHybridAuth to the social network (facebook). Then the user has two choices to either allow or cancel the access to your app. If the user happens to cancel the access then the class Endpoint

Some times you get squares on the web page although you have added the css file font-awesome.css successfully. The solution is very easy you and need to place the font directory (containing four font files) as well inside the CSS folder where you have placed font-awesome.css. The font directory contains four other font files. fontawesome-webfont.eot

You may encounter a problem in Yii TbExtendedGridView: TypeError: url is undefined When you click the header or filter on the grid, the solution is simple just add the following to ExtendedGridView. $this->widget(‘bootstrap.widgets.TbExtendedGridView’, array( … ajaxUrl’=> Yii::app()->request->getUrl(), …